Drawing Machine – 4xiDraw V1 – Design Concept – 20180727

Drawing Machine – ProfileBlock™ – Design concept
3D Design Tool: SketchUp Pro

4xiDraw is a clone of the famous Axidraw. It’s a plotter to draw.
Use an “Arduino Nano” control board and a “Arduino Nano CNC Shield” board.
In this video we will build one. We will see the list of components, hardware assembly, wiring harness and the Software part … Up to the Drawing.

Using the “Inkscape” vector graphics program along with a special “plug in”, you can create several G-Code files, starting with a drawing. Universal G-code Sender (Java) will do the rest.

For all “.STL” 3D Parts: Coming soon….

– 2 x NEMA17 Stepper Single Shaft 34mm
– 2 x 2040 370mm ProfileBlock™
– 2 x 2020 370mm ProfileBlock™
– 2 x GT2 20Teeth Idler Pulley Wheel Synchronous Bore 5mm for Belt Width 6mm
– 2 x GT2 20Teeth Idler Pulley Wheel Synchronous Bore 8mm for Belt Width 6mm
– 4 x GT2 without Teeth Idler Pulley Wheel Synchronous Bore 8mm for Belt Width 6mm
– 8 x ID 8mm OD 14mm T 40mm Nylon ABS Round Non-Threaded Column Spacer
– 8 x ID 8mm OD 16mm T 1.4mm Nylon Plastic Flat Spacer
– 20 x MF84ZZ LF840ZZ Shielded Flanged 4 x 8 x 3mm Model Ball Flange Bearing
– 1 x SG90 RC Micro Servo (plus a 250mm cable extender)
– 1 x Arduino Nano V3
– 1 x CNC Shield For Arduino Nano (GRBL Compatible)
– 2 x A4988 Stepper Motor Driver
– 1 x HC-05 Bluetooth Module
– 1 x GT2 Synchronous belt x 1m, 6mm wide
– 1 x 12V 2A AC-DC Universal Power Supply
– 6 x Bolt M2 16mm
– 6 x Nut M2 Steel
– 20 x Bolt M3 10mm
– 4 x Bolt M3 15mm
– 2 x Bolt M3 20mm
– 26 x Nut M3 Steel
– 2 x Bolt M4 30mm
– 4 x Bolt M4 40mm
– 8 x Bolt M4 60mm
– 36 x Nut M4 Steel
– 25 x Bolt M5 10mm
– 25 x Nut M5 Steel
– …

For the download Software:
– Arduino IDE: https://www.arduino.cc/
– GRBL + ServoMotor: https://github.com/robottini/grbl-servo
– Inkscape: https://inkscape.org
– Plug-In: https://github.com/misan/laser-gcode-exporter-inkscape-plugin
– Python: http://www.python.it/download/
– Universal G-Code Sender: https://github.com/winder/Universal-G-Code-Sender
– Java: https://www.java.com

Inspired by and source code from: https://youtu.be/GthY-ipk7Ys


The open source Drawing Machine – Drawing Machine hardware and software is free and made with love. Please show your level of support with a voluntary donation.


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